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Low Rise Jeans For Women

Low Rise Jeans For Women

Low rise jeans for women can be distinguished from all other jeans existing in market by their fitting which is lower then belly button by about 3 inches. The younger generations are the credit holders of such massive popularity of this set of pants beginning right from 1990s. Initially this pair of jeans came into existence in 1960s during the peak period of hip hop way of life. Who is responsible for this massive popularity of low cut pants is none other than Britney Spears. Yes, she made this trend all get started. The teenaged boys also got excited while looking at her videos wearing hipster pants.

With its popularity escalating day by day, the production of these unique denim are done in many different ways. Hey girls, if you quit one option, there are so many others there for you!

Talking about the variety it offers, with a unique set of hipster jeans which fit as low as 5 to 6 inches from the belly button is out there in the market. They are known as the super low rise pants. The zipper of this kind is of only an inch. Its mostly famous among the teenage boys but girls you have to stay ahead of them. So, don’t miss out.

Hip hugger pants are just a manipulation of the existing hipster pants with an impressive look of black color in them. Of course, they cover both the genders in terms of popularity. The low cut plus size jeans are available in impressive plus size but wouldn’t be recommended not to the plus size pants.

Few things that you shouldn’t forget while wearing these denim is that when you hit in a store looking for the hip hugger jeans, find it the one that fits you. Alteration can be done to the waist so all you have to do is try with all the measurements in place. Don’t forget to top it with a blouse that gets in touch with your waist. Anything that makes the looks go better with these set of unique pants is the leather belt. It rocks! You get the right look at the right time.

Not to forget, since wearing them too low would expose your panties, club it with the right ones. Black would definitely give you the sexiest look with a thin strap. So, women get ready to make it your day with low hip pants. Then go for it!!